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Michelle Smith- owner
Hello! I am the owner/operator here at Johnson Point Pet Suites and I live on site. I established my business in 2006 when I lived near Johnson Point. I kept the name since we really are still not that far away. I have lived in Olympia my entire life and graduated from North Thurston High. Dogs have been an important part of my childhood and adult life. I earned my Veterinary Technician license in 1989 from Pierce College and gained valuable experience working for some excellent local Vets. The lure of owning my own business and my love for dogs excited me into this venture. As my business grows, I envision a beautiful, modern facility run just like it is now..special loving care for every pet guest.
Interaction is key to your dogs quality stay
Johnson Point Pet Suites is family-owned and operated right here in Olympia, WA founded in 2006 and the owner lives on site. Your pet willl have excellent care and a lot of fun here which means you can travel worry free. We provide a safe and comfortable enviroment for your pet, giving every dog guest the same high level of care and exercise! Our dog boarding services are the best, and come with a personal touch because we are dog people, dog lovers and dog professionals. We truly care about your pet and their vacation experience with us! 
Professional Dog Care Expert
Committed to taking care of our dog guests as well as their owners do...
" No matter how little money
            and how few posessions you own
 having a dog makes you rich"

                                        ~Louis Sabin

  Love, Honor and......
          BELLY RUB
 As of 5/21/2014, I am NO LONGER ABLE TO ACCEPT NEW CUSTOMERS. I am overwhelmed with properly caring for the base of customers I currently have.